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FREE Devotional Sample From “The Invitation”
Rachelle Fletcher

Do you long for intimacy with your Creator but not know where to begin? By reading “The Invitation” just minutes every day, you’ll encounter a deeper relationship with God and experience His presence in a tangible way.

If you are anything like me, the never-ending to-do list will steal time away from the very thing you are created to be – a beloved, accepted child of God. Morning after morning, if we are not careful, the cares of daily life rob our time with the Father.

In this special devotional, fifty-one women contributed their personal life lessons to help you live with courage and push away lies that make you feel unworthy.

I contributed six heartfelt devotionals that redefine bravery by challenging you to step out even when you are scared. My hope is that these messages will call you deeper into intimacy with the Father, ignite your faith, and awaken you to do the thing He is calling you to do. Join me (and all of our girlfriends!) in sharing The Invitation with the special women in your life.

Give the gift of an encounter with the Presence of God. Give The Invitation.

Rachelle Fletcher